8 oz Vintage Modern Soy Scented Candle Bomboniere by Sydney Candle Studio


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8 oz Vintage Modern Soy Candle Bomboniere by Sydney Candle Studio
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8 oz Vintage Modern Soy Scented Candle Bomboniere by Sydney Candle Studio

FOR LIMITED TIME; Exclusive Price for Wedding Favours Australia's customer (up to 42% OFF), normally $25.00

Sydney owned Beautifully Crafted and Hand Poured Eco Soy Candle by Sydney Candle Studio's Candle Artist.

All of these candles are made using soy wax, lead-free cotton core wicks, fine fragrance oils, and high quality inspired packaging. Jars are finished off with a simple label and silver lid. Each candle is hand poured, packaged, and shipped from their Sydney studio.

Simple and modern with a hint of vintage charm, these candles are also designed to complement every style of your home. We love how candles with their soft glow and light fragrance, have the ability to temporarily escape people’s mind to a nice relaxing space, it could change the atmosphere of a room to say a tropical holiday mood, giving you the ability to relax and escape your mind from your busy schedule.

. 8 oz candle measures 6.7 cm in diameter and 9.85 cm in height.

. 8 oz candle burns clean for 30-40+ hours

. Gift box (kraft brown box) and ribbon is not included

. Option to purchase gift box (kraft brown box)- 9.4 cm x 9.4 cm x 11.8 cm can be added (no ribbon included).

. Option to add label on the box as well (label on box will be the same as label shown on picture)

Pricing (AUD)
1-23 $16.25
24-47 $15.50
48-95 $14.95
96 or more $14.50

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